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Exfoliating Scented Soap Sponges

Exfoliating Scented Soap Sponges

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Exfoliating massage sponges Jammed full of sensational Fragrances similar smelling to the known brands This product is gentle on your skin and is vegan-friendly using SLS free real soaps and quality ingredients which do not stain your bath.

New soap experience. Simply wet your sponge with warm water, exfoliate your skin using the rough coral side to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. once finished leave to air dry to re-set your sponge ready for the next use. 

  • Perfect for holidays or hand luggage or simply your gym bag. REDUCES PLASTIC, LIQUIDS & SPACE 
  • Exfoliates away dead flaky skin and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished
  • Can help to accelerate tanning and is great for stubborn fake tan.
  • Up to 18 uses
  • Child, pet & Vegan friendly